Frequently Asked Questions
Is it safe to play poker online?
With respect to online poker rooms prestigious (you can see some in our poker rooms section), we can say that it is completely safe to play in them.You will not have any problem with deposit or withdraw money with confidence. They are subject to audits and most belong to holdings listed in the stock markets.

Of course, forget that the possibility of cheating you home. The poker room only acts as an intermediary, providing service to players in exchange for a small fee from each pot, so it does not care who wins each hand.
I like to play with several different names, I can? Have more than one account?
No. Each player is only allowed one account.
Is it legal to play in
Yes In Poker deluxe can only play the players are legally resident. We are proud to have obtained a license.
What is the age limit to play Poker deluxe?
You must be at least 18 years old to play with Poker deluxe software.
Should I validate my personal information if I do not want to play with real money Poker deluxe?
No, the validation process is mandatory only for real money players.
Play Money or Real Money?
Play Money called the tables of the rooms where they played with play money, against Real Money tables we play with our funds.

If this is the first time I visited a poker room, we recommend you to take contact with the interface tables playing in Play Money. However, do not lose much time testing your game there, because what is at stake in these tables has nothing to do with poker.
Why the balance that shows me is different from that in the Cashier?
As part of the process of closing your account at must withdraw your entire balance. And that includes:
  • Any cash balance in accounts with different currencies
  • The balance of money
  • Any ticket for tournaments and cash value that can be converted to cash
  • Any refund due you have already released