Terms And Conditions


  • The following words and terms, when used in this Agreement, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
  • “Applicable Laws” means any laws, rules and regulations relating to online gambling, access to or use of the Poker Deluxe Site, to make deposits and withdrawals that apply to you in the country where you live or access the web Site or the country from which you are conducting such activities, as well as other laws and regulations that would otherwise apply to it.
  • “Deposits” refers to any transfer of funds from you to your Player Account either directly or through a Payment Provider;
  • “Profit” refers to any profits generated by a holder of a Player Account in real-money Poker.


  • This Agreement covers the agreement between you and us regarding your use of Poker-Deluxe to play real-money games and / or play-for-fun, as applicable. The game rules are defined by the Rules of the House as well as other sections of the Software and the Website, including but not limited to, rules describing how to play, rules and participation in tournaments, and any other rules for to govern a particular game, event, tournament, all such rules are incorporated herein by reference and included under the terms and conditions herein.


  • You are permitted to use the Poker deluxe Website if you are the legal age as determined by the applicable laws of the country where you live or access the Website.
  • Under no circumstances is allowed to use the Poker deluxe Website if you are under 18 years of age.
  • Some legal jurisdictions have not addressed the legality of online gambling and others have specifically made ??online gambling illegal. We do not claim that any use of the Poker Room where such use is illegal. The availability of the Poker deluxe does not constitute an offer or invitation by us to use the Poker deluxe in any country where such use is illegal.